The book "LIIVIT" - woman's secret weapons is also on sale.

       Corset Study and Data Book, 160 pages, 250 color images. Hardcover, high quality book, size A5.        Light pink color on all sides. Suitable as a guide for dealers and boutiques, as well as student        notebooks for the corset industry. Also a great gift book. You can add this to another order or order        separately at 10.00. ISBN 978-951-9299-06-8. In Finnish

       The book presents eg.:

       - history of using bras and corsets

       - bra, underwear, and corset patterns

       - corsets for various uses, exercise, losing weight, body lift, corset school etc.

       - sewing instructions

       - instructions for selecting, purchasing, treating and washing

       - a lot of things about breast care

       - stockings and pantyhose selection for the outfit